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Declaration of Imagination
Declaration of Imagination
December something 2021

The unanimous Declaration of the free human souls of this existence, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political, economical, societal, familial and spiritual shackles which have connected them with another, and to acknowledge and take ownership of the powers of our own soul, the separate and equal veracity of the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle us, we out of respect for our fellow humans wish to share our grievances, affirmations and visions for the future that compel us to the declare our separation from the current paradigms mentioned above and declaration for the establishment of a new age of imagination. 

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all humans are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable birthrights and authority that are inherent in being a human being among these are Life, freedom from oppression and the pursuit of Happiness and Imagination. That to secure these birthrights and autonomous authority, Governments and cultures, systems and religions are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the humans subject to the,  That whenever any Form of oppression becomes destructive of these, it is the birthright and authority of humans to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new way of life laying its foundation on these birthrights and authorities of the sovereign individual soul and organizing its auspices for them shall seem most likely to effect their safety, freedom, imagination and happiness. Prudence shallwill dictate that any system long established should not be changed for basic meaningless causes; and accordingly all human history we have knowledge of and experienced has shown us that humans are more able and willing to suffer, while evil in all its forms are sufferable, than to cause a problem by abolishing the forms of evil which they are accustomed. But when these evils grow to attack the very body and soul and mind of a human, attempting to reduce a human soul to any less than what it is, it is their birthright and authority, it is their duty, to vanquish evil in all its institutional forms, and carve a new path for the future of humans. 

We declare it our birthright and authority from nature and God and our soul to  alter pur former Systems of Government and all forms of oppression. These systems are Herby null and void. We revoke our participation, blood, sweat, tears and souls from it’s authorities. To name all those guilty would be a waste of our much needed energy. We are not the property of any authority. Rights only exist if we declare and exercise them up to and including our physical death. We declare we are not afraid of death of the body. But if the mind, soul and imagination and this is something worth doing a physical death for. All operations against sovreign human souls are hereby declared war by any further incursions that are perpetuated by those in these systems of government, corporations, legal systems, personal associations, secret cults and personal affronts against any sovreign human beings. 

To be clear; we have determined that these systems and by effect those that occupy positions within them and those that support those in such positions have declared war upon humanity and their very souls. We are not declaring war against it. We are identifying we have the authority to defend our sovreign human soul from physical and spiritual attack. And we give you the option to heed this declaration of imagination. For a future where we as humans are free of evil in all its institutionalized forms. Where we can live in harmony with both each other and the plane of existence on which we inhabit. Where the criminally insane do not exercise tyranny over the mind and soul of humans. Where we determine our own future as long as it doesn’t interfere with these two laws. We own our own body and we own our own soul.

From this basic birthright of property, our birthright to ownership of ourselves; morality and laws can be established. Rape murder theft and assault have always been and always will be a crime against humanity. And whatever it’s forms it is a crime that can and shall be published. But this is not an excuse to manipulate the mind body and soul of a sovreign human. This will end beginning now. 

We have a dream that many have dreamt. Not if a joyous Utopia but an optimistic reality. Based on not only science and ethics but of a realization that the human soul is capable of beauty and destruction. But we choose dangerous freedom over the safety of disgruntled slavery. Universally preferable behavior which is rooted in logic and and also the ethereal sovreign experience of the ghost or soul living in the human body are inextricably linked here in this plane of existence. And we declare that any form of government or system to rule over sovreign humans be rooted in Epistemology and cannot be rooted in moral relativism or nihlism. 

Of our grievances let’s them be brief:

 1. the government and monetary corporate and social system has claimed ownership over the time, labor and minds of humans without their express consent in too many egregious forms to be named.

 2. Too many laws in contradiction to common law, the magna carta, declaration of Independence, articles of confederation, United States Constitution and a litany of other proclamations made by humans and groups of humans have come into existence in opposition to those documents that recognize the birthright and authorities inherent to humans, previously often referred in the flawed terms as “rights”. 

 3. We have been made promises by these above mentioned documents and declarations and those in stewardship of those contracts with humans have willfully and maliciously broken those covenants heart before humans and God.

 4. Black magic and spells using language and art to induct humans into secret cults, religions and oaths without informed consent and honest discourse.

 5. Indoctrination of the youth and adults alike under the guise of education and instruction. 

 6. Murder of humans for false pretenses.

 7. The willful and malicious manipulation the ability of humans to express cognition without fear of repercussions. 

 8. The concerted efforts to confuse the mind of humans for secret agendas to benefit those that see themselves as a breakaway cilvilzation

 9. The institution of slavery that has been made covert rather than overt under the guise of safety, security and unity.

 10. The false dicotomy given between equality of circumstances with the equality of opportunities. 

 11. The intentional destruction and inversion of religions and languages to make opaque those dreams that were to be lucid.

In respecting the birthrights and authorities of humans we ask that those who remain in positions of authority within the systems relinquish and receive a treaty of armistice with no further actions of destruction. However in clear terms let it be known that any further incursions will be acts of war upon sovereign humans and it will be treated as such. We reserve any and all authority to defend those birthrights and authorities inherent to us. 

Let us imagine a future of peace and love. Let us practice what we imagine. Let us feel the feelings of victory for humans in the glory of existence of our soul and oneness with God and each other. For if we don’t the visions of those that seek to destroy our dream may surely end all life as we know it. Set our course for the horizon and let the storms be in our past. Let us be the captains of our own destiny. Let us advance to the next level of existence and not in this demonic hellscape, this prison planet these demons have set for us. Let Providence protect that which no being,  human, or otherwise may destroy. Our pure imagination focused for all that is truly righteous. This is what we declare. This is what we pray. 

Let this apply to all human souls regardless of origin or current location, time or space.

This is just another document declaring that which has been and always shall be. In a form in which all can understand clearly and without deception.  

We recognize that our spiritual focus can and will build the future that can achieve all declared above. Make this reality. Through the grace of God and our imagination.

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