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Breathing Water

Freaking out as I continue to sell or give away parts of my life before I leave on this new journey. There is so much sadness saying goodbye to things I have carried around for such a long time.

I took pictures of old pictures that I shredded, said goodbye to things I have barely used but needed for mind comfort, getting rid of clothes that have sat in my closet with me saying, someday I will wear that again.

I feel like I am doing a huge purge after someone has died, but these are my things, not someone who has died. I know some of you have gone through this. Please tell me this is not the end of my life because it feels like it is. I have so much stuff and every day I let go of more of it. And every day I find more. I don’t want to put most of this in storage. I just want to let it all go but it is so darn hard. I can do this, I can feel it.

There are days that I say, hell no, that stays and then the very next day I say, hell, yes, get that out of my life. It has been the same for what is coming in to my life also. Took me months to decide on buying a fan for my van. I bought it a few days ago. Just need to hold that beautiful natural landscape and travel in my imagination and then everything seems right on target. I need your support through this as I feel like I am breathing water.

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