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Crazy Leggs



Vocals – Larry Bates
Vocals – JoJo Razor
Guitar – George Lasiter
Bass – Mike Orton
Drums – Lloyd Nichols
Sound – Steve Bower
Lights – Rick Morzella


It was my real first band. Yes, there were a few bands before this one, but Crazy Leggs was the band and one that I still dream about to this day.

We were a top 40 band in the 1980s in the small town of Modesto, CA. I still remember when I found the beginnings of this band in an ad from the classified section in our local newspaper. I used a red felt pen to circle the text to remind me to call them when I had the courage. I was living with musician, David Sousa during that time when he found that paper hidden under the bed and brought to my attention that forever circle of the red marker. We both knew at that moment there was nothing else I wanted more in life.

When I auditioned for this band there was Mike Orton, bass and George Lasiter, lead guitar along with a few others. They liked me enough to select me but I had never fronted a band before so I let them know that maybe we should have two lead singers. There had been another women who had auditioned that they had liked so we brought her in as a second vocalist. It was great having two women on board and we began to learn many songs including Heart, Journey and Joan Jet switching off with vocals and blending our voices in beautiful harmonies. But drama floated into the band with her and soon afterwards we all agreed to removed her.

I knew through that experience that I wanted to share the stage with another singer. One night while I was out at the Club in Turlock I ran into Larry Bates, vocalist for AfterShock. I told him I wanted to sing with him and he said, yes, I want to sing with you, too, and he began to tell me about a band that he was thinking about putting together. I stopped him and told him that I already had a band together but that I was looking for a co-singer to help lead.  It was at that time he became very interested. At his first audition he saw the potential and proceeded to fire the drummer and the guitar player. He told us he had others he wanted to bring on board that being Johnny Maya on guitar and Lloyd Nichols on drums.

We got to work rehearsing every moment we could for the next three months, building a list of 40+ songs. There was a buzz in the air about what we were creating and people couldn’t wait to hear what we were about. Our very first gig was at the Rock Shop in Modesto, CA on a Thursday night with over 300 people. Over the next two nights we had over 500 people at each show. We were flying high as we knew that we had something very special.

The gigs began to pour in. We became family. We brought in a sound man, Steve Bower and a light man, Rick Morzella. We gathered roadies, groupies, fans and even a limo driver. We were the house band at the clubs we loved. We played together and were together every night. We opened up for a lot of major acts like Molly Hatchett, Bachman Turner Overdrive, John Waite, Elvin Bishop, and so many others that Johnny Maya has to constantly remind me because I can’t even remember the shows. There were that many.

We played one original song that I wrote with friends called Touch My Flame. My desire was to write music together, but the band opted for staying as a top 40 band and continue with the success we had created.

I miss these guys more than time will ever know.

If you or someone you knows has any Crazy Legg’s photo please send me an email. I would love to include them here!

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