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2005 – 2009


Vocal, percussion, loop box – JoJo Razor
Vocal, instruments, loop box – Cynthia Weyuker

One day I told Salane Shultz about my desire of having an original vocal group of three women. I had recently seen the full entourage of Faun Fables (four vocals) and had fallen in love with their music especially with the simplistic acoustic sounds. I had also recently been to a LoopStation performance with Robin Comer and was amazed of how much sound they were getting with a loop box, a vocalist and a cello. And then there was a Grace Cathedral performance of Kali’s Angels, three beautiful female vocals weaving magic through the air. I wanted it. I needed it.

Salane was interested and brought in Cynthia Weyuker to make it a three part harmony female vocal group. We began writing music together. I brought in a loop box and the experimenting began. Salane soon left and Cynthia and I began digging deep to see what we could unearth.

Keeping with my desire to have three vocalists we auditioned a handful of people. But we found that we got bogged down in a three way conversation, so Cynthia and I decided to move on down the road together. We began recording. We began gigging. I began creating videos for us to perform to. We straddled the line between performance art and musical theater.

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