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Music/JoJo Razor
Lyrics/JoJo Razor
© 2017

I fall into
melancholy arms
no strength to fight you
or your deadly charms
I can see now
You belong in me
No more hiding
Yes, throw stones cross the sea
I invite you
permanence this ride
come along now
take your place inside
fog is trolling
sun melts away
and I’ll admit I’m
in love with the melancholy way
a melancholy way
where we die each day

Try as you might
and might as you try
soon you’ll see out of this
devil dragon’s eye
you sing that this game is over
but for me its just begun
to dream of a thousand moments
is a game I play for fun
I’ve won through your loss
as you long for the light
that rainbow of love
that you search for in the distance
your longing feels me
with the want of the impossible
my tears are what keep you alive
when the truth be told

Now we both understand
let me expose it to you
that deep dark secret
the grandest of all
to capture the game
is the forbidden fruit
that opens the heart
of Melancholia

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