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Music/JoJo Razor
Lyrics/JoJo Razor
© 2015

From the first time
our paths crossed
I was troubled
as you laid the red carpet
your sad eyes
flashing every tomorrow
silent lips
continue calling my name
and I search for you
underground where there’s no more tomorrows
always and forever
rest my loves
rest under the one and one of all

your disguise
doesn’t frighten me
dressed up like
a man i used to love
you are smart
as I look behind your light
i can see
your reflection of me
as i wait in the underworld
ready for your excitement
as you make me alive
always forever
always forever

your breath is but a sweep and a forgetting
the solar rises with us our life’s star
has had somewhere else its setting
it cometh from afar not an entire forgetfulness
you know not who you are my little one
I wear many disguises
if you’d look up you would see me
I fly high
and I lay low
but I’m here
extended from you
watching you become the imager
from around the 360 degrees
always and forever
always and forever

sense of touch
thousand hands finger me
within in range
velvet red carpet sea
as the veil starts to fall
I’m awake and wandering out there
and I feel so alone
like I’m everyone and I am no one
why are you dreaming me?
it’s the question I keep on asking
alive and forever
always forever
alive forever
always forever

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