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Music/JoJo Razor
Lyrics/JoJo Razor
© 2016

Oh my dear
my last journey here
music is perfect
for a river’s cross
coin in hand
into ferry land
I’ll be home soon
no more worries

I’ve become the orphan of the sun
reflecting burning fire deaths overcome
each day I’ve feared this moment now obsolete
and nature takes us to where art must complete

polishing the hell out of this lamp
light flickers ahead and fades out the mask
the zillion years its taken is not forget
and art takes us and lifts us from the depths
of all darkness
to the highs of the mountain top
cross the sea where the gods play you and me
you and me
light up light up
and shine yourself
as far as you can see
no holding back while we awake fulfill your destiny
lift us lift us
you and me
you and me

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